Southern Clarion County Ambulance Service

Southern Clarion County Ambulance

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About Us

Southern Clarion Ambulance Service (SCCAS) started providing service to the area  January 1, 1978. We were originally a 2 station service and was located in downtown Rimersburg & Sligo, Pa, and was known as Southern Clarion County Volunteer Ambulance Service (SCCVAS).  Since then, In October 1998 we have moved to the outskirts of Rimersburg so that we are conveniently located halfway between Rimersburg and Sligo. In 2004, we went from paid by the call, to hourly wage, and a 24 hours staffed station so that we could meet the new requirements for dispatch time. We have two ALS/BLS units and a Wheelchair van at our facility.   

Mission Statement

To provide the utmost care to our community in a compassionate, courteous and professional way towards those placed in our care.